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Ø60 LED sign tower

(Ø60 LED sign tower)

#60파이 #싸인타워 #Ø60 LED sign tower #60S-D2-1L 60S-V2-5L 60SB-V2-4L 60SF-V2-3L 60SF-V2-5L 60SFB-V2-4L 60S-D2-1LD 60S-V2-5LD 60SB-V2-4LD 60SF-V2-3LD 60SF-V2-5LD 60SFB-V2-4LD 60S-D2-1LP 60S-V2-5LP 60SB-V2-4LP 60SF-V2-3LP 60SF-V2-5LP 60SFB-V2-4LP 60S-D2-2L 60SB-D2-1L 60SB-V2-5L 60SF-V2-4L 60SFB-D2-1L 60SFB-V2-5L 60S-D2-2LD 60SB-D2-1LD 60SB-V2-5LD 60SF-V2-4LD 60SFB-D2-1LD 60SFB-V2-5LD 60S-D2-2LP 60SB-D2-1LP 60SB-V2-5LP 60SF-V2-4LP 60SFB-D2-1LP 60SFB-V2-5LP 60S-D2-3L 60SB-D2-2L 60SF-D2-1L 60SFB-D2-2L 60S-D2-3LD 60SB-D2-2LD 60SF-D2-1LD 60SFB-D2-2LD 60S-D2-3LP 60SB-D2-2LP 60SF-D2-1LP 60SFB-D2-2LP 60S-D2-4L 60SB-D2-3L 60SF-D2-2L 60SFB-D2-3L 60S-D2-4LD 60SB-D2-3LD 60SF-D2-2LD 60SFB-D2-3LD 60S-D2-4LP 60SB-D2-3LP 60SF-D2-2LP 60SFB-D2-3LP 60S-D2-5L 60SB-D2-4L 60SF-D2-3L 60SFB-D2-4L 60S-D2-5LD 60SB-D2-4LD 60SF-D2-3LD 60SFB-D2-4LD 60S-D2-5LP 60SB-D2-4LP 60SF-D2-3LP 60SFB-D2-4LP 60S-V1-1L 60SB-D2-5L 60SF-D2-4L 60SFB-D2-5L 60S-V1-1LD 60SB-D2-5LD 60SF-D2-4LD 60SFB-D2-5LD 60S-V1-1LP 60SB-D2-5LP 60SF-D2-4LP 60SFB-D2-5LP 60S-V1-2L 60SB-V1-1L 60SF-D2-5L 60SFB-V1-1L 60S-V1-2LD 60SB-V1-1LD 60SF-D2-5LD 60SFB-V1-1LD 60S-V1-2LP 60SB-V1-1LP 60SF-D2-5LP 60SFB-V1-1LP 60S-V1-3L 60SB-V1-2L 60SF-V1-1L 60SFB-V1-2L 60S-V1-3LD 60SB-V1-2LD 60SF-V1-1LD 60SFB-V1-2LD 60S-V1-3LP 60SB-V1-2LP 60SF-V1-1LP 60SFB-V1-2LP 60S-V1-4L 60SB-V1-3L 60SF-V1-2L 60SFB-V1-3L 60S-V1-4LD 60SB-V1-3LD 60SF-V1-2LD 60SFB-V1-3LD 60S-V1-4LP 60SB-V1-3LP 60SF-V1-2LP 60SFB-V1-3LP 60S-V1-5L 60SB-V1-4L 60SF-V1-3L 60SFB-V1-4L 60S-V1-5LD 60SB-V1-4LD 60SF-V1-3LD 60SFB-V1-4LD 60S-V1-5LP 60SB-V1-4LP 60SF-V1-3LP 60SFB-V1-4LP 60S-V2-1L 60SB-V1-5L 60SF-V1-4L 60SFB-V1-5L 60S-V2-1LD 60SB-V1-5LD 60SF-V1-4LD 60SFB-V1-5LD 60S-V2-1LP 60SB-V1-5LP 60SF-V1-4LP 60SFB-V1-5LP 60S-V2-2L 60SB-V2-1L 60SF-V1-5L 60SFB-V2-1L 60S-V2-2LD 60SB-V2-1LD 60SF-V1-5LD 60SFB-V2-1LD 60S-V2-2LP 60SB-V2-1LP 60SF-V1-5LP 60SFB-V2-1LP 60S-V2-3L 60SB-V2-2L 60SF-V2-1L 60SFB-V2-2L 60S-V2-3LD 60SB-V2-2LD 60SF-V2-1LD 60SFB-V2-2LD 60S-V2-3LP 60SB-V2-2LP 60SF-V2-1LP 60SFB-V2-2LP 60S-V2-4L 60SB-V2-3L 60SF-V2-2L 60SFB-V2-3L 60S-V2-4LD 60SB-V2-3LD 60SF-V2-2LD 60SFB-V2-3LD 60S-V2-4LP 60SB-V2-3LP 60SF-V2-2LP 60SFB-V2-3LP

1. Ø60 cylindrical round shape structure

2. Reinforcing color separation for each stage by applying transparent DECO

3. Maximize light diffusion by strengthening inner and outer lens wrinkles

4. Reliability is enhanced by applying a PC material lens that is resistant to impact

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